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About us, In this day and age of information and education, everyone is looking for a counselor – someone who can understand their needs and help them find their way out of the jungle of competition. In today’s price races, everyone is going their way to becoming something important or valuable in their life. But the main issue is that no one knows how to get there.

Online forums for students

The Distance Education Academy is one of the most user-friendly online forums for students. Learn about nearly 800 universities and 15,000 colleges, dissecting each education system and discovering ways to stand out in each with the help of our expert team of academics and educators.

We at Distance Education Academy offer some services that focus entirely on providing a way for children to improve their educational experience.

The problem with our education system is that it has always placed an emphasis on rote learning. Students are not taught a technical aspect of what to do; Instead, they are fed from floor to floor, then vomit for exams at the end of the semester. This is one of the main reasons why we have consistently argued that the education system in our country is deeply flawed.

Thus, the aforementioned website’s sole purpose is to provide information to the public about the various courses offered by the various institutes, as well as guidance information for updating User-Generated Content.

It is emphatically stated that no courses/admissions are offered through “https://distanceeducationacademy.com”, which only serves to provide students with information to help them choose a good course.

Furthermore, phone numbers are used to interact with people who contact us with specific questions about different courses/institutions. It categorically denies that any client is required to provide courses on behalf of any institute in exchange for payment via the phone numbers mentioned above.

We at the Distance Education Academy provide services aimed at removing such misconceptions from students’ minds that they are unable to choose their career path. In fact, we will facilitate a way for them to focus fully on their career while discovering their potential along the way.

With so many career options available to them, most fail to realize that all they need is a push in the right direction. They appear to exams blindly and unaware of their strengths. We, with our expert team of professionals, will help these confused students realize their potential and choose the most suitable profession for them.

The path to a successful and satisfying job or career is not an easy one. There are buses to catch up, lessons to attend, and homework to finish. At a time like this, you need a mentor; A friend can lead you through these perilous paths where one wrong move can lead to a life of regret. The Distance Education Academy is this guide for you.

As one of the leading service providers in the country, we aim to provide educational advice to a wide range of students. We understand the mindsets and needs of different types of students and offer appropriate advice on the career path that best suits their needs.

Every student is unique. We understand this and strive to make every type of experience with us unique. When they consult with us, they bring with them a large number of ideas and opinions. The range of options available to them will be enough for them to select the most suitable option for them. We at the Distance Education Academy enable them to understand their capabilities and choose the path that will benefit them. As a student, they have many options.

They must decide for themselves which career path is best for them. Our expert advisors will simply be facilitators in the process of self-discovery, enlightening them about the best option.

Our network has spread its tentacles across the country to meet the needs of every special student. We all know that the future of the country is in the hands of today’s youth. It is hard to imagine India even better unless they are taught to be agents of social change.

We achieved this by using a simple but effective formula. Our company connects various:

Distance Institutes and Training Institutes etc.

We do this in order to make our company a complete and comprehensive solution to all kinds of inquiries and professional assistance. We also hope to become one of the most successful service providers in the country.

Why do we do that?

As mentioned earlier, students today have a lot of avenues open to them. Unlike in previous times, when there were not many options but the competition was very less. Today, the scenario took a complete turn. Today, not only the avenues and options are much more, but the competition is also many. Thus, thinking that they have an advantage on one side, the students sorely lack a competition position in such a gigantic forum.

What gives and sets him apart is the ability to judge which profession will be best for them. Many of them also give exams for different career options without knowing which one to choose and thus, in the end, do not qualify for an exam that suits them.

We at Distance Education Academy do this because we are a leading online education solution. We provide students with career guidance and make them aware of their abilities. With our expert team of professional assistants, we show them the path to success.

Our ultimate goal is actually to improve business operations in a way that will be beneficial to a larger portion of the people. Most career counseling is done on a superficial level. But we plan to change this system. And for this, we start from the level of the roots of the grass.

Our goal at the Distance Education Academy is to modify and revolutionize the levels of education that exist in society today. Most students are taught in such a way that they cannot imbibe what is actually taught. Rote learning is so pervasive in most educational systems of society that it becomes almost impossible to change the system in some way. Students are not taught the practical aspects of the different subjects, but are encouraged to memorize most of them and then retake them for the exam. This is definitely not an ideal situation. Our goal will be to change the process.

We also plan to bring the education student and policy maker closer together. The widening gap between them destroyed the system to a great extent. We are here to fix this communication gap and in an effort to change this we also hope that the current education system will take the term pivot to better change and also empower students to participate and succeed.

Distance Education Academy’s Proficiency and professionalism in education

Student counseling is our strength. Through our professional assistance to the hundreds and thousands of students who do business with us, we have succeeded in helping them find a job that will change the way they see themselves.

The Distance Education Academy’s educational network is spread across the entire length and breadth of India. From the upper part of the state in Uttarakhand to the lower states of Kerala, we have spread our online forums widely to ensure that every loyal and intelligent student gets a chance to learn about and pass his or her potentials in a way that will ensure career success. We have four such networks across the country to ensure that the different needs of students are met in every part of the country. The reason we decided to have our centers in separate parts of the country is because of the country’s diverse education system. What schools and colleges in the northern part of the country may follow as a completely different curriculum than what students study in the southern part of the country. This diversity has made it important to have different counseling centers so that we can better understand their needs.

The educational professionalism of the Distance Education Academy helps these students secure their future with one smart decision that can change their lives. With the amount of proficiency we have in our field, we have made sure that students are able to gain a strong foothold in the area of ​​their choice. Our team is prolific. We monitor the changing trends in the society and thus are able to guess the changes in educational policies and systems.

Another practical part of our service provider is that we have a system of professional courses. These courses are required to ensure that students who are unable to secure a job of their own in their field of expertise, can better hone their skills in these professional and vocational courses. Academics associated with us also decide on these courses and give students a wide range of tools and techniques that will help them gain a foothold in society.

We firmly believe that the educational system as well as educational efficiency in our country have faltered and become sterile. We want to change this and actually have the students become a change in the country.

How will we revolutionize education through the Distance Education Academy?

Our methods are simple. Instead of hitting the bush, we’ll try hitting the nail on the head. Every educational system around the world has its own system of performance. In some countries, the system changed the course of development while in others; She was not able to change the course of the future at all. India is one of those countries.

The potential for students in this country is huge and enormous. But the problem lies in the fact that there has been no proper guidance for this huge potential. The result is that students are unable to follow a viable and profitable path.

We at Distance Education Academy aim to change this stagnant form of education. Our goal and objective is to enable students to make the right decisions for their choice. As a web forum, we aim to be mentors, guides and advisors to the millions of educational inquiries asked by students of India. With our far and wide network, we have successfully put our education center online across India. Four states in the country have distance learning and worldwide academic centers; Students can access this web platform to ask their meritorious advisors and educators the right path to follow.

Our aim is not only to educate the student, but we will also be professional advisors and give them an insight into the workings of the education system in India. We will provide them with a complete educational package which will give them solutions to various problems that a student may face while pursuing a career.

We at the Distance Education Academy have links with colleges, schools, universities, major training centers and distance learning centers, and with these we will constantly monitor the changes taking place in the system again and again. It is of utmost importance that we keep ourselves up to date with the latest updates and changes, and only then will we be able to get the desired change.

The biggest advantage of connecting yourself with us is that we are a very user friendly and customer friendly forum. To assist and assist you, we will be available 24/7 through our online chat facility or Q&A forum. This would ensure that any student who might get confused about any job related issue, we will be there to see it resolved.

The following are the primary advantages for all students:

At Distance Education Academy, we are one of the most student friendly online forums. With our expert team of academics and educators, we have dissected each education system and found ways to excel in each.

We have carefully crafted different teaching methods to focus on students’ strengths and help them excel in each of them. Just as different regions of the country differ from celebrating the same occasion; They also have different educational systems in each of them. We at Distance Education Academy analyzed it in order to find out how to excel in each of these systems. We have our centers in four different states in the country and with the help of these; We can say that our reach is far and wide. Below are the specific benefits that students who will join our Global Outlook Program will have:

  • We will provide free online consultations for parents, teachers and students.
  • We will provide guidance to students in the form of helping them realize their potential, strengths, and weaknesses.
  • We will also teach them ways that they can turn their weaknesses into strengths and thus benefit from them in a way that will be beneficial for their career prospects.
  • We facilitate students with outstanding background to enroll in professional courses from us which will enable them to choose their own career path.
  • We also help students to prove their studies with foreign institutions and provide them with career guidance in applying to appropriate institutions and also obtaining scholarships for such foreign programmes.
  • We help students to get payments for various institutions since then, we have links with some of the most prominent and distinguished schools, colleges, universities, training institutes and distance education centers of excellence;
  • We can easily monitor students who are registered with us and in these institutions or schools.
  • We have different mentors who have been carefully selected to suit the needs of each individual student. Because every student has a different temperament, we can help ensure that mentors can specifically target what each child needs in their career path.
  • We analyze the competitive market landscape and give trends that will be most suitable for students.
  • We also have a career portal that will be opened and updated regularly to keep students informed of new opportunities in their field.
We keep students informed of new updates

The world of competitive exams is constantly changing. Styles are constantly changing, new topics may be included and sometimes dates and places change as well. We as a consistent web platform for ambitious and career-oriented students make it a point to keep them updated with the latest happenings in the department.

We link their institutes and colleges to our web portals which continue to provide this information. Our administration team is responsible for keeping important and necessary information about the latest exams, admissions to foreign institutes and any needs the student may have.

We facilitate the student’s trip abroad:

Some students aspire to visit abroad and pursue their career there. Accepting colleges in foreign countries is not easy. Particularly, because most of them have very strict admission procedures which makes it more difficult for Indian students to get admitted into these leading colleges.

Our team of professionals will guide students through these procedures: from taking the right exams in the form of GMAT and GRE to writing the right essays and recommendations to satisfy the committee there; We have honed our skills in such a way that a student from this facility can easily go on and earn a degree from the Premier League and Ivy League colleges.

24*7 online support

We at the Distance Education Academy have relied heavily on the Internet as a means of communication. Hence, we have our teams offering online support to anyone from teachers, parents, and students with their every query. Our 24/7 online technical support is available to answer your questions and be of assistance. We have chat forums where users can ask questions and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Our advisors also provide online help and advice on the various admission procedures in colleges and institutes. With their immense knowledge of different admission systems, they will be able to guide you on the best way forward in the admission method.

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