Apprenticeships Degree

Apprenticeships Degree

Apprenticeships degree will allow you to obtain a diploma throughout the career. A level 6 apprenticeship qualifies you with a full bachelor’s diploma, while a level 7 qualifies you with a master’s degree.

The learning combines running with component time college research, which can take the form of one day a week or a block of days each month. The apprenticeship takes between 3 and 6 years to complete.

Undergraduate apprenticeships are especially beneficial if you’re caught choosing between an apprenticeship and going to college, as they combine the exceptional of both worlds.

Benefits of Apprenticeships degree

The most important benefit of doing an undergraduate apprenticeship compared to conventional university management is that the diploma is paid for through your agency, so you come out with a diploma and no student debt.

Also works full time during diploma and earns income
Undergraduate apprenticeships allow you to start your profession with an advantage over college students who drop out of college without the same level of work experience that you have.

Apprentices degree also develop “soft skills” with running, which employers love, along with communication skills, the ability to paint under stress with time limits, teamwork, and problem solving.Receive advice and help from your company.

You can put into practice what you study at the university directly, which will help you expand your experience on the web.

By the time you finish your apprenticeship degree, you will have at least 3 years of networking experience and will have made contacts that will help you in your profession for a while.

Undergraduate apprentices degree are technically college students, so you get all the student discount benefits, however.

Most apprenticeships degree will have a guaranteed job upon completion, with many opportunities for advancement within the company.

What is an undergraduate apprenticeship

Undergraduate apprenticeships are generally aimed at 18-19 year old college graduates as a direction of diploma opportunity, particularly people who are unsure about college due to high tuition costs and student debt. … The learning of the diploma supports the development of technical and artisan roles to control.

Types of apprenticeships degree

In general, apprenticeships degree belong to the following types; Agriculture, Horticulture and Animal Care, Arts, Media and Publishing, Business, Management and Law, Construction, Planning and Built Environment, Education and Training, Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies, Health, Utilities and Care, Information Technology and communication, languages, literature and culture, leisure, travel and tourism, preparation for life and work, retail and business, and science and mathematics.

apprenticeships degree courses

Business, administrative and legal practices
This type of learning includes:

Investigation criminal
Legal services
Financial advisory
Social media marketing

There are many more, including things like the new Paraplanner apprenticeship and the Level 7 Lawyer apprenticeship.

Internships in health, public services and assistance
This type of learning includes:

Leadership in care
Child and youth labor
Administration of courts, tribunals and prosecution
Emergency fire service
Allied health professions
Emergency care
Optical Retailer
HM forces

Learnings from Commercial and Retail Companies
This type of learning includes:

Hairdresser and barbershop
Beauty therapy
Fashion and textiles
Funeral operations
Logistics and international trade
Property services
Sales management
Vehicle sales

Engineering and Manufacturing Technologies Internships
This type of learning includes:

Engineering construction
Aviation ground operative
Construction services
Composite engineering
Manufacture process
Gas industry
Heating and ventilation
Nuclear work
Railway engineering
Vehicle maintenance and repair
Construction, planning, and built environment practices
This type of learning includes:

Civil engineering construction
Construction building
Construction management
Plumbing and heating

Requirements for a apprenticeships degree

To be eligible for our apprenticeships degree, you must be 16 years of age or older and employed as part of an agreed apprenticeship program. You must also meet the academic requirements to enter the course. If you are not currently employed, you will need to get a full-time position with an employer in a related position.

Universities offering apprenticeships degree

Anglia Ruskin University

Aston University

Birmingham City University

Buckinghamshire New University

City University

Coventry University

Lancaster University

Liverpool John Moores

London South Bank University


Manchester Metropolitan

Northumbria University

Nottingham Trent University

Queen Mary University

Sheffield Hallam University

Southampton Solent

University of Chichester

University of East London

University of Essex

University of Exeter

University of Greenwich

University of Hertfordshire

University of Lincoln

University of Roehampton

University of Staffordshire

University of Sunderland

University of West London

University of West of England

University of Winchester

Frequently asked questions / People also ask

Q. Who can do an undergraduate apprenticeship?

Ans. Undergraduate apprenticeships tend to focus on 18-19 year old college graduates or lower grade apprentices moving up. If you already have a diploma, you can enroll in some diploma apprenticeships, as long as your diploma is in a different discipline than the one you are using.

Q. How does diploma apprenticeship work?

Ans. The government will pay one-third of the value of your title, and your agency can pay the other third, which means it can pay off your learning debt.

Apprentices paint full-time throughout the year, with 21 paid field trips plus free bank holidays.

Q. Who is eligible for a degree apprenticeship?

Ans. To be eligible for our apprenticeships, you must be sixteen or older and hired as part of an agreed upon apprenticeship program. You must also meet the educational access requirements of the route. If you are no longer currently employed, you will need to perform a full-time role with an organization in a related position.

Q. Do degree apprenticeships give you a degree?

Ans. Undergraduate apprentices earn a full bachelor’s or master’s degree, but avoid colossal debt from tuition fees and maintenance loans. Undergraduate apprentices are employed throughout their program, completing paid work from day one.

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