Computer Science Degree Online

Computer Science Degree Online

Computer Science Degree Online is a three-four year undergraduate degree that is universally provided by all institutes and universities in India. BSc degree is one of the most famous courses chosen by using university students who have an inherent capacity for clinical aptitude and a zeal for calculating and research-oriented tactics, based primarily on a proven systematic technique. Science is about experimentation, investigation, and discovery.

Computer Science Degree Online is the fruit of both theoretical and practical forms of study. Obtaining a bachelor’s degree also opens a couple of avenues for a student and both can opt for better research in Science or any other area that may be associated or extraordinary with the subjects studied during the beginning. However, Master of Science (MSc) is the most famous best education alternative chosen by college students after completing Bachelor’s degree

Computer Science Degree OnlineOnline Admission -Eligibility – Duration – Syllabus – Subject – Exam – Result – Degree – Career – Scope – Salary.

Popular CoursesB.Sc and B.E or B.Tech
Duration 3-4 year
EligibilityPass in Class XII examination in any stream from a recognized board/University
Education TypeOnline and Distance Education
Name of InstitutionUniversity Wise
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Admission SessionSummer/Winter
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Application FormDownload
Mode of ExamOffline/Online
Study MetarialDownload
Exam dateReleased
ResultAvailable Soon
StatusAvailable Soon
Average FeesCertificate: INR 360- 10,000
Similar Options of StudyB.Sc. (PCM), B.Sc. (Physics), B.Sc. (Chemistry), B.Sc. (Math’s), B.Sc. (Zoology), B.Sc. (Statistics), B.Sc. (Botany), B.Sc. (Home Science)
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Employment Roles IT consultant, Cybersecurity consultant, Information systems manager, Database administrator, Multimedia programmer, Systems analyst, Games developer, Technical writer, Bank Sector etc.
Average Salary INR 2- 40Lakh
Placement Opportunities Mobile Technologies, Computer Science in Healthcare, telecommunication, Communications, Computer Security, All Business etc.

Computer Science Degree Online Admission 2022

Admission to Computer Science Degree Online 2022 generally begins within the month of May or June. BSc admissions are benefit-based for most colleges. However, many universities take a pre-examination to offer admission to their undergraduate programs.

BSc is a three-year undergraduate direction application. It is a basic direction that provides exact technical knowledge in subjects like Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Zoology and many others.

The eligibility standards for earning a Computer Science Degree Online is that students must clear their magnificence 12 board exams with at least 50% added scores from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and / or Mathematics as their required subjects in the class 12.

Computer Science Degree Online eligibility

The minimum eligibility criterion to apply for admission to the Computer Science Degree Online for the academic year 2022-2025 is that candidates must have obtained at least 50 – 60% of the total scores in the class 12 exam from a recognized board.

It can be mentioned that the minimum percentage required for Computer Science Degree Online admissions can also vary depending on the coverage of the university in which the candidate is applying.

Candidates must have studied Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics (PCM) or Physics, Chemistry and Biology as combinations of difficulty from the center.

Generally, there may be no age restrictions for earning a bachelor’s degree, except certain through an institute’s eligibility standards.

Candidates must have studied Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and / or Biology at the upper secondary level as compulsory subjects.

The minimum age for this course is 18 years old.

How to apply for Computer Science Degree Online?

Important points to follow BSc courses and a step-by-step admission guide are mentioned below. Candidates seeking admission to BSc 2022 can refer to the following points.

  • Apply for the undergraduate courses you want to pursue.
  • You can choose from a variety of subjects such as Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics, etc.
  • Show up for the entrance exam, if there is one.
  • After clearing appear for GD / PI rounds
  • Once shortlisted accept the admission offer

Computer Science Degree Online after 12th Science

After 12th place, there are so many career options to choose from. One of the most chosen fields of study is undergraduate courses after the 12th science. When it comes to choosing a graduation degree, the Bachelor of Science is the most commonly selected option.

Computer Science Degree Online is a 3-year employment-oriented bachelor’s degree. BSc degree for science students proves to be the best option, as this course is ideal for students who have a strong interest and experience in science and mathematics.

In India there are so many institutes / universities offering job oriented industry specific courses with 100% job guarantee, among them Computer Science Degree Online for Science students is one that guarantees students theoretical and practical training to make sure acquire specific skill sets to meet the demand for skilled professionals in the industries of tomorrow.

Bachelor’s courses after Science 12 are the perfect course to jump-start your career. BSc degree is a work-oriented program offered with the best institutions around the world with a specialized area of ​​study. Let’s talk about some lists of famous undergraduate fields that students can choose from if they opt for undergraduate courses after the 12th year of science.

Computer Science degree courses

  • B.Sc. (PCM)
  • B.Sc. (Physics)
  • B.Sc. (Chemistry)
  • B.Sc. (Math’s)
  • B.Sc. (Zoology)
  • B.Sc. (Statistics)
  • B.Sc. (Botany)
  • B.Sc. (Home Science)

Online Computer Science degree India

2. Professional B.Sc. Courses: The professional B.Sc. courses cover the professional job oriented courses these include:

  • B.Sc (Agriculture)
  • B.Sc (Animation)
  • B.Sc. (Aquaculture)
  • B.Sc. (Aviation)
  • B.Sc. (Biochemistry)
  • B.Sc. (Bioinformatics)
  • B.Sc. (Computer Science)
  • B.Sc. (Dietetics)
  • B.Sc. (Electronic)
  • B.Sc. (Fashion Technology)
  • B.Sc. (Food Technology)
  • B.Sc. (Forensic Science)
  • B.Sc. (Forestry)
  • B.Sc. (Medical Technology)
  • B.Sc. (Microbiology)
  • B.Sc. (Multimedia)
  • B.Sc. (Nautical Science)
  • B.Sc. (Nursing)
  • B.Sc. (Nutrition)
  • B.Sc. (Physiotherapy)
  • B.Sc. (Psychology)
  • B.Sc. (Genetics)
  • B.Sc. (Information Technology)
  • B.Sc. (Interior Design)

Computer science degree jobs in India

In BSc for Science university students there are great job opportunities. Science has been termed as a movement of possibilities that offers job prospects, as well as a type of fields to select for further training.

  • Assistant Scientific Researcher
  • Drug Safety Associate
  • quality Analyst
  • Head of Pharmacovigilance
  • Drug Development Associates
  • Clinical Trials Analyst
  • Expert in Pharmacovigilance
  • Data analyst
  • Quality Control Associate
  • Farming industry
  • Biotechnology companies
  • Hospitals
  • Research companies
  • Testing labs
  • Pharmaceutical and biotechnology industry
  • Health service providers
  • Educational institutions

Difference between BA and BSc Degrees

Making the leap to study higher education is always a difficult choice, however choosing a degree to complete is much more difficult! This is where we can help, with most titles you will likely see a few letters before the topic and they can come in the form of a BA or BSC. But, you may ask, what the heck do these mean? What is the difference between a BA or BSc? Are the grades the same? Which one can I get a better job with? Don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place as we’re about to break it down for you!

Highest paying computer science jobs salary in India

B.Sc Agriculture/Forestry etc.Rs. 2,00,000 to 7,20,000
B.Sc Chemistry/Biochemistry etc.Rs. 2,00,000 to 8,40,000
B.Sc Biology/Microbiology/Zoology/Botany etc.Rs. 2,40,000 to 7,20,000
B.Sc Environmental Sciences/Earth Sciences/Geology etc.Rs. 1,80,000 to 6,00,000
B.Sc Mathematics/Statistics etc.Rs. 1,80,000 to 9,60,000
B.Sc Computer Science/Information Technology etc.Rs. 3,30,000 to 9,00,000

Frequently asked questions

Q. What does BSc degree mean?

Ans. A Bachelor of Science, on the other hand, is a bit more topic-focused and requires more credits. This type of bachelor’s program features a more technical and mathematical approach. While this degree promotes deep and detailed thinking, it also improves analytical and statistical thinking. These are usually science courses that are bachelor’s degrees like Computer Science, Health and Social Work, etc.

Q. Is BSc it a good degree?

Ans. When it comes to considering academic degrees after 10 + 2, B.Sc. or Bachelor of Science is one of the best career options you can choose from. It is a very popular choice among applicants who want to pursue a career in science and technology. In India, the duration of the course is usually three years.

Q. What’s the difference between BA and BSc Degrees?

Ans. Well, simply put, the main difference is the learning behind the titles. Bachelor’s degrees are qualitative and creative leaders, while bachelor’s degrees require a more mathematical and analytical approach.

Q. Is BSc waste of time?

Ans. No. It is considered standard and required for most jobs in the US, unless you are working in labor or have some type of proven experience in a field.

Q. Is BSc better than engineering?

Ans. If you look at it from a broader perspective, B.Tech as a title is a bit better than B.Sc. for aspiring science. The Bachelor of Technology is a professional degree with many real-world career prospects in various technical fields.

Q. What is BSc Biology?

Ans. BSc Biology is a 3-year undergraduate course. It is a diverse topic that covers many biological aspects of living organisms, including the subject areas of Botany, Zoology, Microbiology, Ecology, Genetics, and Molecular Biology.

Q. What are the subjects in BSc biology?

Ans. The important subject in Biology B.Sc, which includes many biological aspects of living organisms, are anatomy, biophysics, cellular and molecular biology, ecology and evolution, etc. The scope of work for the Biology B.Sc course is biology content developer, horticulturist, biological technician, and botanist.

Q. What can I do after BSc in biology?

Ans. Career Opportunities after B.Sc Biology
Molecular Biologist.
Biology Content Developer.
Biological Technician.

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