Degree in one year in Chennai

Every student aspires to further their education in their desired field. After completing their 12th grade, the majority of students in India pursue professional and traditional courses. Some students choose a job-oriented diploma or a short-term course so that they can begin earning money as soon as possible.

We all choose our career goals based on our personal preferences. Some students discontinue their studies due to unforeseen circumstances such as financial difficulties, job loss, or failure, and they leave the graduation programme in the first, second, or final year. Many DEB and UGC Approved Universities now provide solutions for those candidates by offering Graduation Degree One Year Chennai or One Single Sitting Degree in Chennai.

In today’s competitive world, every employer hires at least one graduate student. As a result, universities in Chennai follow three procedures to offer a Graduation Degree One Year Chennai or a Single Sitting Degree in Chennai.

What is the meaning of one sitting degree in Chennai?

The term “one sitting degree” refers to the process in which a student must only sit for examinations for all four years of his or her education. For example, you could be required to take online exams and write exams for all years. Your exam results are also available online. And your diploma will be delivered to you at your convenience.

As a result, it is known as a degree course that can be completed in a single sitting. Professionals and working mothers prefer to pursue one-year degree programmes online.

Is it possible to complete a degree in one year?

Yes, education is both convenient and feasible in today’s technologically advanced world. Universities that are UGC-DEB-approved offer a one-year online degree programme that requires only online exams.

Online MBA course in Chennai valuable?

UGC-DCB are the major authorities that run distance universities. And big companies of any industry look for candidates passing from UGC-approved universities. Therefore, the MBA degree does add value to your career and you can get the degree in one sitting online. 

Can I get an online one-year degree courses in Chennai?

You can enrol in any university that offers online examinations and degrees. Aside from that, many universities do not offer online exams, but you can obtain a degree through an online course.

At any age, you can obtain your graduation and post-graduation degrees online. People interested in an online MBA can also finish their management degree and apply to large corporations.

Online Admission in UGC-DEB Approved Universities

It is required to obtain only from reputable and UGC-DEB Approved universities only. Moreover, if you are looking to get a one year degree course then you can now enroll yourself in these universities.

How to get a One Year Graduation Degree from a distance university in Chennai?

We offer a service that allows people like you to obtain a hassle-free under graduate and post graduate degree in one year and in one sitting online from recognized universities.

Objective of Degree in One year  2022 :

  • Transforming High Quality Higher Education in Digital ERA
  • Boosts your Career with UGC-Entitled Degree.
  • Can complete this course along with the job.
  • Don’t need to attend the regular classes every day.
  • Up-skill Yourself Today at the Convenience of Your Home
  • Fuel your career growth with a Self Paced and live online program.
  • Apply for a Master degree as well after completing the graduation degree.
  • Do a course in core domain sectors.
Degree in one year in Chennai

Procedure to get admission in the one-year graduation program

Every distance university has its own set of terms and conditions. You can also enroll and pass the exam in one sitting. However, these are the primary processes that must be followed.

CREDIT TRANSFER : If a Student has completed 1st and 2nd Year of Graduation from any UGC DEB recognized University and  left the Graduation Program. Then He can apply for directly final year of Graduation and complete the Degree in One Year,

BREAKING STUDY : Breaking study is the process where student left the graduation in any of the year like 1st, 2nd Year or Final Year. In this option, Student needs to attend all the 1st, 2nd 3 Year exams in One Single Sitting.

Lateral Entry : If a student has completed any diploma program & wants to admission in relevant similar field then he is eligible for Lateral Entry process. In this option, student can directly apply for 2nd Year or 3 Year of Graduation. and complete the Graduation Degree in One Year via lateral Entry Mode.

So save your Gap Years and get enrolled today to complete your Graduation or Post Graduation course in One Year.

Top 50 Online Distance Universities Courses- 2022

Bachelor of Arts (All Subject)Master of Arts (All Subject)
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)Master of Commerce (M.Com)
Bachelor of Science (All Subject)Master of Science (All Subject)
Bachelor of Business Administration (All Subject)Master of Business Administration (All Subject)
Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA)Master of Computer Application (MCA)
Bachelor of Social Work (BSW)Master of Social Work (MSW)
Bachelor of Library & Information Science (B.Lib.)Master of Library & Information Science (B.Lib.)
Bachelor of Fine Arts (BFA)Master of Fine Arts (MFA)
Bachelor of Journalism & Mass Communication (BJMC)Master of Journalism & Mass Communication (MJMC)
Bachelor of Hotel Management (BHM)Master of Hotel Management (MHM)
Bachelor of Naturopathy & Yoga Science (BNYS)Master of Naturopathy & Yoga Science (MNYS)
Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT)Master of Physiotherapy (MPT)
Bachelor of Technology (All Stream)Master of Technology (All Stream)
Diploma in EngineeringPolytechnic Engineering Diploma
Executive MBA (All Subject)Many other Courses Available..


For online one-year distance courses, each UGC-DEB-recognized university may have its own terms and conditions or rules. For further information, please contact your counselling team, who will walk you through the entire process.

There are many questions that students come across in their minds and some of the frequently asked questions are as follows:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the eligibility for this course?

Firstly, A student who has discontinued his/her education and must have an academic gap of atleast 3 years after his/her intermediate (12th) can apply for one sitting examination.

What is UG in one year?

As well as, Under Graduation ​ in one year means that 3 years course will get completed in one year by giving all exams in one sitting only.

Is Degree in one year valid in India?

Yes in fact, it is completely valid.

How u can use credit transfer?

If a student has done 1st and 2nd year from a university then he/she can take direct admission in 3rd year which can be used as credit transfer.

What is break in studies?

Break in studies means gap in studies which can be after SSC or HSC.

Advantages of Fast Track Degree in Chennai

  • UGC, DEB, MHRD & Government Approved University.
  • Low Fees , Free study Material & Easy Syllabus
  • 100% Passing Results approved for all Further Study,  Embassies
  • Strong Placement Cell for Fast Track Degree in Kolkata
  • Physical Documents Verification & Third Party

Which all documents are required to apply for this course?

Firstly ,10th class marksheet and certificate

  •  12th class marksheet and certificate
  •  Secondly , Breaking study proof
  •  After then, Address proof
  •  Further  ,Passport size photograph

Most Common Asked Questions

What does “breaking study proof” means?

Breaking study proof means the student must have proof of breaking years which includes: documents related to discontinuation of study/course or an experience certificate during break (gap) years, Besides, a student is employed in a company.

Is there any opportunity in lateral entry for diploma holders?

In fact, students can get lateral entry in second year on the basis of three year diploma after high school or diploma after intermediate.

Which all certificates will I receive after the course completion?

Graduation marksheet and degree

Are the certificates valid in government jobs after completing this course?

Yes, the documents are absolutely valid in government jobs.

Are there any chances of promotion in my career ahead after doing this course?

Yes, of course, you will get promotion once you complete this course successfully.

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