Distance Education Academy is one of the oldest educational institution, offering a variety of distance and part-time online courses from UGC and DEB accredited universities. The sole purpose of this website is to connect students and working professionals with the best distance learning universities for higher education, thereby reducing the gap between students and universities.

Distance Education Academy

How Distance Education Academy Helps

Distance Education Academy is India’s first online platform that brings together all distance universities under one roof. Distance Education Academy offers unbiased information about every distance learning course and the university that offers it.

Distance Education Academy’s online portal aims to provide students with unbiased information about all aspects of distance education. Distance Education Academy empowers students to find the best universities for distance education. Distance Education Academy compares every distance university on various parameters such as E-learning system, EMI, Faculties, and affordable fees.


By the end of 2021, India will have enrolled 9.6 million students in distance education. Even so, the distance education sector in India is still unorganized, and students have a difficult time finding information about it. Distance Education Academy’s mission is to address students’ current problems.


University Selection
Suggest the right university for your distance education course.

Skill Development
Combine your distance university syllabus with skill-based courses.

Career Support
Assign experienced counselling team for placement and career support.

Direct to university
All admission procedures happen directly with universities.

Cut All Middlemen
No need to pay the counselling fees to so-called consultants.

Professional Guidance
100% Unbiased & Free Guidance for your Career.

Distance Education Academy Advantages

  • Assist you in locating the best university and course for your distance learning adventure.
  • Distance Education Academy’s admission counsellors will assist you in making the admissions process as simple as possible.
  • Our mentors Assist you for career advice.
  • Distance Education Academy newsletter provides the most recent admission news and keeps you up to date.
  • We Provide relevant and critical college reviews to assist you in making the best decision.

Distance Education Academy Mentors Help

  • Which university to select?
  • What is the value of the distance degree?
  • Which specialization to select?
  • How much salary hike you can expect?
  • What is the career opportunities available to distance learning courses?

Distance Education Academy Experience


  • Understand concepts and principles through our dedicated faculty and e-books
  • Experience gained online through a virtual classroom and discussion forum
  • Understand concepts and principles through our dedicated faculty and e-books
  • Experience gained online through a virtual classroom and discussion forum
  • The education is taught by industry experts and is easy to understand and of high quality

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is distance learning the best?

Distance learning programmes allow students to pursue the course they have enrolled in while also fulfilling other work, family, or academic commitments. Students have the ability to set their own study pace, set assignment submission deadlines, and even set their own examination schedule.

Is a distance education degree as valid as a regular degree?

you have graduated from any recognized university, and your degree, whether regular or distance / online, is completely valid.

What are the types of distance education?

6 Types of Distance Education

1- Distance Education via Video Conferencing
2- Synchronous and Asynchronous Distance Education
3- Open Schedule Online Courses
4- Hybrid Distance Education
5- Computer Based Distance Education
6- Fixed Time Online Course

What are the advantages of distance education?

There are seven advantages to taking distance learning courses.

1- It is adaptable.
2- It is capable of accommodating students with special needs.
3- It eliminates the need for a commute and the hassle of getting to class
4- It saves time
5-It provides more networking opportunities
6- It enables students to hone their time-management skills
7- It aids in the development of technical skills.

Is distance graduation valid?

All distance learning degrees recognized by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) are valid degrees for applying for and obtaining central and state government jobs.

Is distance education equal to regular?

Distance education is as valid as a traditional degree. Distance education, on the other hand, uses ‘virtual classrooms’ instead of traditional classrooms.

What is the purpose of distance education?

Distance education is a modern method of learning that allows students to study in their own space and time without having to physically attend school/college/university.

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