Online Graduation in 1 Year

Online Graduation in 1 Year, After completing their 10+2, the majority of students in India are unable to complete their degree courses, such as B.A,, BBA, BCA, BSC IT, and so on (HSC). However, after high school, some of them enroll in job-related courses. Others enroll in diploma programmes, while others enroll in graduate programmes.

However, due to financial constraints and a lack of time, they discontinued the course after about a year. Although many students decide to begin the process of their education, they are presented with a plethora of options in terms of courses and universities, such as Online graduation Courses or graduation in one year.

They eventually realize that being a graduate is critical for them. In terms of advancement, their career and professional development In addition, if they wish to pursue further education. The minimum eligibility criteria, as with the Online MBA and Online E-MBA, is a high school diploma in any field.

How to get a 1 year graduation Degree

There are three options for completing your graduation in one year:

Credit Transfer

If someone has completed their first and second years from any UGC recognised university and left the course in the middle, or if they have completed only the first and second years and failed the third year, and they are now unable to complete their graduation from the same university, they can directly enrol in the third year at another university and complete it in one year.

Similarly, there are two types of credit transfer: academic credit and skill-based credit transfer, which is based on the skill and experience of their respective Industry. Some universities, however, do approve credits on the basis of skills.

Lateral Entry

Any student who has completed a diploma programme and wishes to pursue a bachelor’s degree in a related field is eligible for lateral entry. In this case, students will be sent directly into their second or third year in order to complete their online graduation degree in one year. Furthermore, the terms and conditions differ from university to university.

Thus, if you had previously discontinued your studies for any reason, enrol today to create a path for your career by earning an Online degree in one year.

Similarly, students can apply for degree programmes such as BA in one year, in one year, BBA in one year, BCA in one year, BSC in one year, B tech in one year, and MBA in one year.

Breaking Study

Breaking study is a process in which a student who has left their education after completing the first, second, or third year can enroll directly in the third year.

It doesn’t matter if you passed or failed your graduation programme, but you must have a three-year educational gap after 10+2. A student must also write exams for all three years in one sitting and pay the entire graduation fee.

Online Graduation in 1 Year provided from UGC-DEB Approved Universities

You must make an informed decision by enrolling in Graduation in One Year courses at a UGC-accredited university. However, you can easily complete your graduation from IGNOU in a year. Aside from that, there are many disciplines in BA and other honours courses available, depending on one’s preferences.

It would be ideal for students if they could complete their graduation without much thought because this is the minimum education required everywhere nowadays. After graduating, a student will have a plethora of career options to choose from. There is always a way to earn more money once you graduate and pursue your postgraduate degree to advance in your career.

Online Graduation in one year in India 2022

Course nameYearsEligibility
B.A (General)310+2
B.A (Hindi)310+2
B.A (English)310+2
B.A (Sanskrit)310+2
B.A (Urdu)310+2
B.A (Political Science)310+2
B.A (History)310+2
B.A (Sociology)310+2
B.A (Public Administration)310+2
B.A (Economics)310+2
B.A (Mathematics)310+2
B.A (Education)310+2
B.A (Social Work)310+2
Bachelor of Library information Science (B.L.I.S)1Graduation
Bachelor of Commerce (B.Com)310 + 2
Course nameYearsEligibility
BBA310 + 2
Bachelor Insurance & Risk Management610 + 2
BCA310 + 2
B.Sc Information Technology (IT)310 + 2
B.Sc (General)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (With Biology)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Mathematics)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Statistics)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Physics)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Chemistry)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Botany)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Zoology)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Microbiology)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Bio-Chemistry)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc (Applied Chemistry)310+ 2 Science
B.Sc In (Fire-safety and Hazard Management)610+2
B.Sc (Biotechnology)610 + 2
B.Sc (Bioinformatics)610 + 2
B.Sc in Yoga and Naturopathy410+2 PCB
B.A (Hospitality & Tourism)310 + 2
B.A (Hospitality & Hotel Administration)310 + 2
B.Sc (Hotel Administration & Hospitality)310+2
B.Sc (Hotel Administration & Hospitality) (lateral)110+2
B.A (Advertising & Mass Communication)610 + 2
B.A (Journalism & Mass Communication)610 + 2
B.A in Fashion Marketing & Promotion610 + 2
B.A in Fashion Technology610 + 2
B.Sc Interior Design610+2
B.Sc Graphics & Multimedia610+2
B.Sc in Fashion Designing610+2
BBA2nd Year10+2
BCA2nd Year10+2
B.SC IT2nd Year10+2
B.SC CS2nd Year10+2
B.Sc in Fashion Design2nd Year10+2
B.Sc in Interior Design2nd Year10+2

Frequently Ask Questions

Which all documents are required to apply for Graduation in One Year?

First and foremost, there is the 10th grade marksheet and certificate.
Then there’s the 12th grade report card and certificate.
Furthermore, study proof that is breaking
Then comes proof of address.
Finally, a passport-sized photograph is required.

What is break in studies?

Break in studies means that you previously enrolled in UGC-Recognized Universities and then dropped out of the course.

How u can use credit transfer?

If a student has completed his or her first and second years at a university, he or she can take direct admission to the third year, which can be used as credit transfer.

Is Graduation one year valid in India?

Yes, it is completely valid if you have valid Credits.

What is Graduation one year?

Graduation in one year means that a three-year course will be completed in one year by taking all exams in one sitting.

What is the eligibility for this course?

To begin, a student who has discontinued his/her education and must have an academic gap of at least 3 years after his/her intermediate (12th) and Discontinued 1st and 2nd Year from UGC Recognized Universities can apply for one sitting examination.

Are there any chances of promotion in my career ahead after doing this course?

Yes, you will receive a promotion if you successfully complete this course.

Are the certificates valid in government jobs after completing this course?

Yes, the documents are absolutely valid for government jobs.

Which all certificates will I receive after the course completion?

Initially, a marksheet, then a provisional degree, a migration certificate, and finally the original degree at the time of convocation at the university.

 Is there any opportunity in lateral entry for diploma holders?

Yes, students with a three-year diploma after high school or a diploma after intermediate can gain lateral entry into the second year.

What does “breaking study proof” means?

It means that the student must have documents related to the discontinuation of study/course or an experience certificate during break (gap) years, if the student is employed in a company.

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